Shine Gel

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9.750 KWD 13.000 KWD

Size: 8 Oz

Strong Holding Styling Gel

Very strong hold fragrance-free styling gel that provides long-lasting definition, humidity protection and shine for all curls

Our Shine Gel is the perfect product if you want to achieve glossy hair without compromizing on hold. This gel will lock your curls in a strong cast which will provide extreme definition, long-lasting frizz control and weather protection for your curls. The cast will feel crunchy to the touch while drying, but this is only temporary. Once the hair is fully dry you just need to scrunch out the crunch with a little bit of oil to make your curls soft and bouncy again. Fragrance-free and dermatologically tested, this super gentle gel is suitable for most people with sensitive scalps and sensitivities. The absence of perfume or essential oils means it really doesn't smell of anything (and it doesn't stink like some other options out there, we promise!), so you can easily layer it with all your favorite products or hair fragrance, without clashing with their scent. 

Who is it for?
All curl types! Suitable for any hair thickness and porosity. Particularly beneficial for most people who have scalp and fragrance sensitivities.

How to use:
Step 1 - Rub the product between your hands and apply on soaking wet hair with the “praying hands” method, smoothing from top to ends.
Step 2 - Flip your head upside down and scrunch gently with upwards motions to encourage curl to spring back and form their pattern.
Step 3 - Air dry or diffuse. Make sure you flip your head in all directions while drying to increase volume. Do not touch hair while drying.
Step 4 - Once completely dry, scrunch again to 'break the cast', the crunchy feeling gels create, and make your hair super soft and bouncy.

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