Shine Cream

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9.750 KWD 13.000 KWD

Size: 8Oz

Lightweight Leave in Conditioner

Fragrance-free leave-in conditioner that hydrates the hair, smooths and enhances shine without weighing it down.

The Shine Cream is our most versatile leave-in conditioner. Its lightweight silky texture makes it suitable for the finest hair, but it is also enriched with moisturizing ingredients like Castor Oil, Babassu, Jojoba and Murumuru Butter that provide enough nourishment for coarser hair types. This cream has been designed to absorb into the hair without leaving residues, making it the perfect base for your styling products. Fragrance-free and dermatologically tested, this super gentle cream is suitable for most people with sensitive scalps and sensitivities. The absence of perfume or essential oils means it really doesn't smell of anything (and it doesn't stink like some other options out there, we promise!), so you can easily layer it with all your favorite products or hair fragrance, without clashing with their scent. 

Who is it for?
All curl types, and even straight hair! Suitable for any hair thickness or porosity. Particularly beneficial for most people who have scalp and fragrance sensitivities.

How to use:
Step - 1 Take a small amount of Cream. Start with a dime-size and add up if needed - a little goes a long way!
Step 2 - Rake the cream through soaking wet hair, making sure you are evenly distributing it and coating every strand
Step 3 - Use the 'prayer hands' method to smooth the strands. This helps sealing cuticles and reducing frizz!Step 4 - Flip your hair and gently scrunch to encourage curl formation. Follow up with your favorite styler for extra hold and definition

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