Flaxseed Deep Conditioning Caps

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8.000 KWD 11.500 KWD

Cashos Deep conditioning Caps filled with Flaxseed improves the results of deep conditioning treatments.
Achieve saloon like results at the comfort of your home. 

Cashos Deep conditioning caps:

  1. larger size.
  2. Contains more flaxseed than other caps.

Quick & easy

  • lay cap in microwave for 90-30 seconds until desired heat is achieved.
  • don’t exceed 2 minutes heating at one time. 
  • flip cap every 30-35 to heat evenly throughout cap. 
  • reheat for longer treatment once cooled down.
  • suggested maximum heat : 131 f - 140f.


  • deep shine & moisture.
  • smooths the cuticle 
  • eliminates frizz 
  • moisturizes the hair 
  •  infuse outstanding shine.


  • Please put in the microwave to heat for 120 seconds before using for the first time . 
  • Don’t heat microwave more than 2 minutes in one time . 
  • Don’t wash before first use .
  • Don’t immerse in water. 
  • ‘validity : 12 months 
  • Storage : dry, cool , well ventilated place 

spot cleaning with warm water & mild soap . 

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