〰️ Curly Wurly is First curly hair studio in Kuwait embracing all natural hair Type ( wavy , curly & kinky ) & provide Dry cut for curly hair .


〰️ At curly wurly , we embrace all Hair types waves, curls, and coils &  we encourage you to love your hair and do the same.We offer dry cutting services catered to your unique texture.

our stylist trained to deal with all hair type . We offer dry cutting service , styling & education


〰️ What you can expect during your appointment.

 During your appointment: we will first asses your hair & it’s current condition.

Then The stylist will discuss the desired length & shape . All haircutting are done while your hair is 100 % dry . We don’t wet the hair , we don’t brush it before cutting.

we cut each curl individually & we create shape that fits your curls . After cutting , we will style your hair & teach you how to style it on your own . Then , we will check the shape & do any adjustments if needed.


At the end of the appointment, you will know what products to use for your specific hair type & how to style your hair .


〰️ How to prepare your hair for your cut:


  • come with fully detangled and styled day one hair,
  • clarify & remove build up ( clarifying products or ACV )
  • styled using light products ( avoid heavy products & oils )
  • come with 100% dry hair ( we cut the hair 100% dry )
  • avoid any sort of hair manipulation: finger coil , clips , ponytails , buns , braids , blow dry that will affect the texture of your curls .


〰️ if the hair isn’t properly prepped upon arrival, your appointment will be rescheduled.