〰️ Frequent Asked Question 〰️

A- Can I get a dry cut if I sometimes wear my hair straight?

Absolutely you can . We will adjust the cut based on how often you straighten your hair & the desired length.


B- What makes a dry cut so special?

with dry cut we can control the length & shape of your curls . We see the actual length of the curls no matter how tight it’s so we can maintain the desired length & shape .


C-Why dry cut cost so much ?

We try our best to provide you with a full service special for your hair type that takes around 2-3 hrs depending on your hair density. The service include : cutting , styling , consultations, education. You will leave satisfied & with lots of knowledge specific for your hair type.


D-Can I only do dry cut with out styling ?

The service come as one , as we need to check & adjust the shape after styling .


E-Do you do home service ?

we only offer the dry cut in our studio .